I, LUIS C. SINGSON, of legal age and with postal address at 2nd floor, LCS Building South Superhighway, san Andres corner Diamante st. Manila. after having been duly sworn to in accordance with law, depose and state that.

1. I am the Governor of the Province of Ilocos Sur

2. I have known and have been a friend of President Josept E.Estrada long before he became the President ;in fact I have been his friend during his early term as Mayor of San Juan Aside from being friend,we have been compadres I am the godfather of one his children and he is the godfather of one my children.

3. Sometime in August 1998,I was summoned to the house of President Estrada at Polk St,Greenhills,San Juan,Metro Manila When I arrived in the house of President Estrada,Bong Pineda and Charles "Atong" Ang were present The four of us met and during this meeting they discussed the jueteng operation all over the country,in the course of the meeting,President Estrada instructed Bong Pineda not to go to Malacanang and deliver money since he has been close to him from the time the President was still the Vice-President and Head of the President Anti-Organized Crime unit.He instructed us that hencefarth.Bong Pineda should deliver the money intended for the President throught Atong Ang and myseft.

4. In the late part of October 1998,I was instructed by President Estarda to take over the duties of Atong Ang regarding the jueteng operation in the country all details having been previously arranged and finalized by Atong Complying with his instruction,starting November 1998,I took over from Atong Ang and I normally collected about P32 to P35 million pesos a month,Out his amount,I personally handed to President Estrada most of the time in his Malacanang office or his other houses which I will identify in due time,the amount of P5 million every 15 days or P10 million every month in addition I was instructed by President Estrada to deposit the balance in my bank account and to wait for his order to supervise and audit my collection,President Estrada assigned Yolanda Ricaforte wife of Tourism Undersecretary Recarforte to he his auditor.holding office in my office at the LCS Bldg.San Andres Bukid Manila.

5. On or about the first week of August 1999,President Estrada instructed me to transfer the accumulated deposits in my account to Yolanda Ricaforte I complied with his instuction and turned over the accumulated deposits amounting to 173 million to Mrs.Ricarforte.who in turn depositted the same to various account in Equitable Bank A summary is herewith attached and made an integral part as Annex "A"

6. Sometime this year, the President instruted Yolanda Ricaforte to transfer P200 million to his account but with the specific instruction to transfer said amount to different account before finally depositing it to a designated account of his choice.

7. I have been remitting to President Estrada the aforesaid amounts regularly from November 1998 up to August,2000.

8. I am executing this affidavit to attest to the truth of foregoing.


IN WITNESS WHEREOF,I have hereunto set my hand this 14th day of September 2000 at Manila.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 14th day of September 2000 at Manila Affidavit exhibited to me his Com.Tax Cert.NO.D6985613 issued at Vigan.Illcos Sur on Janaury 26,2000.

Page No 51 notary public
Book No x DECEMBER 31,2000
Series of 2000



I,LUIS C. SINGSON. Filipino, of legal age,and with postal address at the LCS Building,South Superhighway,San Andres cor.Diamante Streets,Manila. after having been sworn in accordance with law depose and state that.

1. I am the Governor of the Province of Ilocos Sur;

2. Before my term as Governor of the Province, I was a congressman of the first District of Ilocos Sur. During my term as Congressman,I authored Republic Act 7171;

3. Under RA 7171.15% of all the excise taxes on cigarettes is automatically set aside for the Virginia tobacco producing provinces,among which is my province of Ilocos Sur.

4. During the time of than President Fidel V. Ramos,the releases of the funds under RA 7171 were not properly implemented;

5. During the campaign for the presidency in 1998,then presidential candidate Joseph E.Estrada promised the people of Ilocos Sur that if he is elected President,he would see to it the funds,including interests thereon,from RA 7171 will be released without delay and that the law will he implemented properly;

6. Sometime in July 1998, after President Joseph E.Estrada was elected President,I reminded him of his promise to release the funds allocated to the Province of Ilocos Sur under RA 7171,He told me that he will do so.However he asked me if i could help in paying some of the obligations spent during the last election Since i was desperate to put up a Flue-Curing Barn and Redrying plant for the farmers of Ilocos Sur,I said yes I agreed to his request he asked me how mush I can give and I told him I will 10% of whatever amount is released;

7. Soon thereafter President Estrada ordered the release of funds under RA 7171 However Secretary Benjamin Diokno of the department of Budget & Managemaent only released P 200 million notwithstanding that,Mr.Charlie "Atong"Ang told me that the President wanted P130 million bacause they neaded money veryu badly;

8. After the release of P200 million,I give P130 million to Mr,Charlie "Atong"Ang together with Mr,Ang and the P130 million cash we went to the house of President Estrada at Polk St,North Greenhills San Juan,Metro Manila when we arrived at the corner near the house of President Estrada,Mr,Ang told me that there were plently of people in the house of President Estrada Mr,Ang told me that he will go ahead first and will follow after a few minutes.

9. After several minutes , I followed Mr,Ang and went to the house of the President when we entered the house,the first Lady Dra.Loi Estrada greeted me and thanked me for the money given to her Afterwards,I met with the President asked him how much Mr,Ang delivered, President;Estrada told me that Mr,Ang gave him P70 million. When I told the President that I give Mr,Ang P130 million he became angry and called for Mr.Ang;\

10. The President then confronted Mr,Ang in my presence Mr,Ang told him that he give P20 million to the First Lady. P15 million to Mayor Jinggoy Estrada and the rest he kept;

11. The President scolded Mr,Ang and told him that if ever there is some money intended for the family,he,the President,and not Mr.Ang should be the one to distribute the money.


IN WITNESS HEREOF, I have hereunto set hand this 25th day of September,2000 In the place above-Written.


SUBSCRIBED AND SWORN to before me this 25th day of September 2000,at Manila,affiant exhibited to me his Res.Cert.No 06985613 issued at Vigan,Ilocos Sur on January 26,2000.

notary public

Page No,64
Book No.x
Series of 2000



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